Popular Science Backs ICF Homes

In August, 2017, Popular Science wrote an article about safe rooms built from insulated concrete forms, and they eluded to not needing a safe room if you have a safe home.  Guess what we sell!  And what have we been saying!

For years, TF Forming Systems has been selling a patented vertical ICF system.  We have also stated that there is no need for a safe room when you could have an entire safe home.  Now our statements have been backed by Popular Science!

What makes ICF the best for building safe homes?  The walls are made by alternating plastic studs and inner and outer poly panels.  These poly-panels form a sandwich around concrete and rebar, insulating it.  Because there is no wood within the structural supports, the home is virtually fire and disaster resistant.

Popular Science’s article also states that a safe room should be comfortable for everyone, including children.  We know a lot about making a room comfortable, but we know more about making the whole house comfortable.  You could hide in a safe room or storm shelter or you have the option to hide in your living room, on the couch, with all the snacks from the pantry that you could carry.  How nice would it be to be reassured that you don’t have to run to a corner of the dark, cold basement when the tornado siren goes off; instead you can all congregate in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom and know that you are still safe.

Disclosure: Our form system does not prevent glass windows from shattering in the event of a natural disaster.  Please continue to avoid areas with glass or unsupported doors when in a natural disaster situation.


You can read the Popular Science article here.