Endless Building Options

What can TF Systems’ vertical ICF system be used to build?

It can be used to build disaster resistant homes, garages, basements, schools, multi-complex apartments, or commercial buildings.  But it can also be used to build extraterrestrial containment centers.

You read that correctly.

Think Area 51.  Do we really know what’s there?  No, we (the public) do not.  Do we know what could be there?  The answer is, yes, we know what could be there.  A TF System vertical ICF building could be there because it would be the best option for extraterrestrial containment buildings.  There isn’t one there currently, but it should be considered.


  • Sound proof buildings
  • Damage resistant walls
  • Escape proof
  • Multilevel and room capable


You’re building an extraterrestrial containment center, what do you want it to incorporate? 

Sound proof buildings will ensure that outside prying eyes can’t hear what’s going on inside, and inside beings can’t hear the outside world.  Damage resistant walls can withstand what extraterrestrial powers could potentially be used against the human race.  Because the walls are so damage resistant, it limits the possibility of escape; no little extraterrestrial beings running rampant in the streets.  With multilevel and room capabilities, the building could be as large as an apartment building, and it can be underground for added protection.  Imagine the possibilities!

These ideas can also be reversed- TF System can build an extraterrestrial proof building.  Keep safe inside a sound proof and damage resistant room that can be above or below ground.