ICF’s for Commercial Buildings? 

Why you should Consider TF Forming Systems’ Vertical ICF for Commercial Construction:

  • High R-Value
  • Disaster Resistance
  • Cost Efficiency/Time Efficiency
  • Extended Build Season
  • Noise Reduction
  • Fire Barriers
  • Factory customization

High R-Value

     TF Systems offers an ICF with 2.5″ of insulation on the inside and outside of the concrete wall creating a consistent, R – 24 thermal barrier without the thermal bridging associated with conventional stick-built construction. 

Disaster Resistance

     TF Systems’ ICF is unmatched in disaster resistance when compared to a wood-built structure.  (Please feel free refer to the National Wind Institute at the University of Texas Tech for more information on the benefits of a continuous masonry structure in the event of high winds.)

Cost Efficiency/Time Efficiency

     Overall, building with ICF’s is more cost efficient than building a typical CMU (concrete block) structure.  The ICF combines three trades into one;  Masonry, Insulation, and Carpentry are all taken care of with one contractor.  This reduces scheduling delays waiting for the next contractor.  Building with TF Systems’ Vertical ICF increases this advantage even further by being a faster ICF to install than the rest of the horizontal-block competitors.

Extended Build Season

     ICF’s inherently have an advantage in cold climates compared to MCU (Concrete Block) because they have built in insulation creating the perfect environment for concrete curing, and they reduce the need for labor intensive tenting and costly heating for typical block structures. 

Noise Reduction

     ICF is an exceptional sound barrier.  This is an advantage for developers looking to build multi-family homes and apartments.  When TF Systems’ vertical ICF is coupled with an insulated concrete floor system, the perceived noise by future occupants will be next to zero.

Fire Barriers

    Building with a commercial ICF creates a proven fire barrier between units when used in multi-family residential homes and apartments.


     Because of TF Systems’ vertical orientation, it is factory customizable to suit whatever design needs are required.  Our Vertical ICF will work with any floor system, compensate for any desired ceiling height, and can be factory cut to save on-site labor costs. 

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