Architectural Advantages

The Advantages to Building with TF Systems’ Vertical ICF System Speak for Themselves

Design professionals who have built with TF Forming Systems’ forms continue to use them because they are easy to use and offers many architectural advantages.  Most contractors are introduced to ThermoForm when looking for “the ICF system” that provides the owner with the greatest overall value.  They find our system as a result of searching for the perfect ICF system, but they continue to use it because of the advantages it offers.

  • Design Options

    • The rigid polystyrene insulation is easily manipulated to create arches, curved walls, step footings, and parapet walls. Stud rails are available in a range of heights and widths, accommodating different designs.
  • USGBC LEED Points

    • TF Forming Systems’ vertical ICF system can contribute to earning optimized energy, recycled content, and local manufacturing points. Our forms offer many green advantages, such as air tight construction and no off-gassing.  This allows for better control of indoor air quality, lowering heating and cooling costs.
  • Construction Specifications

    • ThermoForm can be designed to meet non-combustible construction qualifications. Sound projections are reduced because of the well insulated concrete.  Our ThermoForm walls are disaster resistant based on regional disasters (i.e. hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, bombs)
  • Minimize Waste

    • With our optimized materials, waste is minimal. Dimensions and heights can be designed to avoid unnecessary cuts and adjustments on the jobsite.  Extra poly-panels can be stacked on-top of each other to create new heights and reduce waste.  The plastic studs are made from recycled plastic, and extra pieces are entirely recyclable.
  • Window and Door Openings

    • TF Systems’ vertical ICF system can be used to efficiently create window and door openings. Several window and door buck systems are available in wood, metal, or plastics to provide solid anchor points.  We recommend Greenline Insulated Forms window bucks.
  • Applications

    • TF Systems’ vertical ICF system can be used in a variety of building types.
      • Multi-unit residential buildings
      • Apartments
      • Assisted living facilities
      • Churches
      • Homes
      • Hotels
      • Warehouses
      • Box stores and strip malls
      • Safe rooms/bunkers
      • Out door structures (i.e. pools, retaining walls)
      • Net Zero energy buildings
      • Alien containment centers

More recommendations to ease your building experience can be found on our resources page. 

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